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Why upgrade?

As support is withdrawn for older software versions (or there are compatibility issues with new hardware, databases, operating or communication systems), upgrading is advisable. Upgrading avoids the risk of technical incompatibility issues, unsupported software, and ensures the latest functionality is deployed and delivers process efficiencies and cost savings.

What's new in E1?

The latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 release continues Oracle's commitment to Applications Unlimited with important advancements for user productivity, industry-specific functionality, and support for global business operations. EnterpriseOne 9.1 addresses the most critical user needs, while delivering key enhancements in several areas, including:


Users can easily build their own interactive reports and leverage the power of Oracle BI Publisher to generate the report output in multiple formats. EnterpriseOne 9.1 empowers end users and reduces the need for IT assistance with 40 new user inquiry/reporting applications supporting 178 pre-built reports.

User Experience

EnterpriseOne Release 9.1 offers significant enhancements in the user experience, including Web 2.0 features that reduce task time and enable access to meaningful information when and where it is needed.

Industry Specific Functionality

EnterpriseOne 9.1 delivers key enhancements for the consumer goods, real estate management, and manufacturing and distribution industries.

Global Business Processes

EnterpriseOne 9.1 supports global operations with several new features, including enhancements that consider the entire ERP business process associated with managing country of origin requirements.


The new release offers more tightly integrated business processes and other productivity advancements including, improved data access and enhanced financial controls. In addition, significant productivity enhancements have been built into the following products:

- Financial Management

- Capital Asset Management

- Project Costing

- Project Manufacturing

- Requisition Self-Service

- Sales Order Management

- Human Capital Management

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